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42 years of rocking the boat

Pamper your feet with Sidi shoes

Dino Signori has never been satisfied with the status quo. He has turned concepts that seemed impossible into shoe designs that have changed the way cycling shoes are made. Among other things, we have Dino to thank for adjustable cleats and for Velcro strap closures, and more recently buckle closures. Radical as those ideas were when he thought of them, they are found on almost every cycling shoe made today.

From the beginning, Dino shook things up. Having made shoes since the age of 14, Signori started his own company in 1960 making hiking boots and ski boots. He called his new enterprise Sidi, from the first two letters of his last and first names. He got his first of many patents in 1966 for the rear-entry ski boot, an idea that transformed the ski industry. As proof that good ideas never die, that design was also the basis of Sidi's current Tecno II twist-ratchet instep closure.

The first Sidi cycling shoe, introduced in 1973, had a titanium sole-stiffener plate. Most importantly, at a time when every other shoe
had a fixed cleat nailed into position, Sidi's had an adjustable cleat held by three screws. Francesco Moser, Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon and Sean Kelly were among the pros who embraced this revolutionary system, which simplified cleat mounting while greatly reducing the likelihood of knee injury due to poorly positioned cleats.

The next Sidi revolution, aptly named the Sidi Revolution, introduced the use of Velcro straps on cycling shoes. With a single sweep, Sidi not only served notice that its quest for groundbreaking designs and materials would continue to keep it in the vanguard, but also introduced an entirely new concept to cycling shoes: style! Freed from the constraint of laces, the realm of design possibilities became much broader. The introduction of a ratchet buckle on the Genius model broadened Sidi's palette even further.

Sidi's Dom 4 Mega combines Sidi's Microlock with its Mega concept to fit wide and large feet.
The Action SR2 is Sidi's premier mountain-bike shoe. It's super efficient and ultra comfortable.
Part Two
Today, Sidi continues to move forward with new technology. With Sidi's Ultra Microlock instep buckle, you can adjust tension a half-step at a time by alternately pressing the side tabs. Sidi has also introduced the Tecno II twist-ratchet forefoot closure, the second generation of a successful design introduced in the mid-'90s, and has put replaceable tread panels on its mountain bike shoe soles.

Sidi has also led the way toward better comfort and fit. Sidi's durable Lorica microfiber synthetic-leather uppers are as soft and comfortable as bedroom slippers. And Sidi has continuously improved the shapes of its lasts (the forms the shoes are built on) to fit more feet. Sidi has even developed separate lasts for hard-to-fit feet.

For instance, Sidi has worked for years on the shape of its women's models to get just the right amount of volume over the toes and around the heels. Similarly, the Mega concept is available in some of Sidi's most popular styles of road and mountain-bike shoes to fit wide and large feet up to Euro size 52 (U.S. size 17). Finally, the Genius 4 Narrow road shoe satisfies riders with slender feet.

Speaking of Genius, that widely imitated but never equalled road shoe has become a classic. It combines the Ultra Microlock buckle system and wide, adjustable instep strap with two Velcro forefoot closures and a Lorica upper. The Genius 4 comes with restyled Velcro straps that have been reversed in direction to close to the outside in a more traditional way.
The top-of-the-line Energy 2 SDS road shoe and Action 2 SRS mountain bike shoe share the same upper and are the most comfortable and easy-to-adjust shoes you can find. They are also extremely tough and durable and can be completely refurbished. The combination of the Ultra Microlock buckle on the instep and two Tecno II twist-ratchet closures on the forefoot allow you to quickly tighten or loosen each section of the shoe exactly as you want — even through shoe covers in winter!

If any closure gets damaged, it can be replaced easily with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The broad plastic instep strap can be centered over the instep to get optimal pressure distribution in that area, and it is simple to replace when necessary, as is the notched buckle-engagement strap.

As on the Genius, the Lorica microfiber synthetic-leather upper of the Energy and Action shoes is soft and supple — your feet will feel pampered even on an all-day ride. The soles are very stiff (the stiffness of the arch area of the Energy is adjustable), yet they have just enough flex at the toe for good circulation and optimal foot health. The tread panels on the Action are replaceable, and the rear of the sole is screwed on to prevent delaminating, so you can wear this shoe for years.

Each pair built with pride and precision.
Experienced hands craft beautiful shoes.
Part Three
When it comes to women's models, Sidi recognizes the need for great shoes for women who ride a lot. There are seven women's models built on Sidi's special women's lasts.

On the road, they start with the Divine, which has an Ultra Microlock and Tecno II buckle, and proceeds through the Genius 4 series to the Dynamic, which is a two-Velcro model, and finally to a triathlon model.

For mountain use, the line starts with the Spice, which has an Ultra Microlock and Tecno II buckle, and proceeds through the Dominator 4 series to the Rampa, a two-Velcro model.

The same quality and performance commitment goes for the Mega shoes for wide and large feet and the Narrow shoes for slimmer feet. The Mega and Narrow come in Genius 4 and Dominator 4 models from sizes 40 to 52.
Passion — for cycling, for great shoes and for happy customers — drive Dino Signori and his son Daniele and daughter Rosella to make their family-owned company and its products the best they can be.

Through four decades of hard work by the Signoris and their devoted employees, the Sidi name is synonymous with quality, innovation and style. Most importantly, your feet will always deliver power to your pedals in great comfort and efficiency in Sidis. What more could you want in your next pair of shoes?

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